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Faculty Editor’s Message welcome
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RCSI on the Inside
Working to secure the future: an interview with RCSI CEO Michael Horgan
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The Dublin Hospitals Rugby Cup – the oldest trophy in world rugby
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RCSI People
The complete doctor: Abraham Colles
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A surgical pioneer: an interview with Sir Ara Warkes Darzi, KBE
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Original articles
Inhibition of cyclooxygenase-2 and amphiregulin reduces cell proliferaetion in a colorectal cancer cell line
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The effect of optimising clinical performance measures on outcomes in haemodialysis patients
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Case reports
PICA aneurysms: case report and review of the literature
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FDG-PET in thyroid papillary carcinoma: a case report
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Review articles
Surgical review: Natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery (NOTES):  the future of surgery
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Medical review: State-of-the-art drug detection in sport
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Obstetrics and gynaecology review: Vaccination of children and teenagers to prevent cervical cancer
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Essential Radiology
Traumatic intracranial bleeds
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In a nutshell

Reviews of interesting clinical trials published in international journals during 2007
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Future Views
All issues are communication issues: an interview with IMO President Dr Paula Gilvarry
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Engineering, science and medicine: transforming healthcare
Thinking globally, acting locally: the future of medical education
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Medicine, film, and literature – the purpose and benefits of including medical humanities in medical education
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Military psychiatry: a social and clinical examination of shellshock and post-traumatic stress disorder
A mental battle against HIV: it’s not as simple as black or white
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Ethics of embryonic stem cell research in Ireland
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The land below the wind – Kota Kinbalu, Malaysia
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Neurosurgery in Dublin – Beaumont Hospital, Dublin
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Unforgettable African experience – Mombasa, Kenya
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Eastern medicine – Guandong Province, China
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Entertainment reviews
Film review: Sicko
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Book review: Look Me in the Eye: My life with Asperger’s
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Book review: The Bitter Pill – An Insider’s Shocking Exposé of the Irish Health System
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Game review: Trauma Center: Second Opinion
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Vitamin D deficiency in photosensitive lupus patients’ and, Sharing Control: a study of user involvement in methadone maintenance in primary care
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Malnutrition and anaemia in the labour and community children of Mumbai, India; and, Management of acute head injury in Cypriot accident and emergency department: implications of NICE CT guidelines
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