Welcome to the third edition of the RCSIsmj! This issue represents the last issue that will be directed by a founding editor, and as I look back on the last three years, I realise how far we have come. The RCSIsmj is now a well-established publication, not only within the RCSI, but throughout the medical schools of Ireland, and among RCSI graduates around the world. Every year our readership and our involvement have grown by leaps and bounds to represent a diverse section of the RCSI community from junior cycle medicine to physiotherapy, from Dublin to Bahrain, and more. Each of the last three years has brought more students to the fore, eager to participate in this publication and to present the research they have done. When Gavin Falk first founded this journal in 2007, he wrote of it that he wanted a forum for students to share their work through publication. Moreover, he hoped that: “The RCSIsmj will increase student interest in research and scientific writing by providing both a formal structure and staff mentorship to facilitate these pursuits”. This goal has been achieved through continued interest and support from RCSI faculty and staff, and student involvement. As we publish this issue and begin to look towards next year, I am encouraged to think of the students who value this journal as a learning resource, as a forum for their own work, and as a way to introduce themselves to the world of medical research and publication. With this fine base, there is no doubt in my mind that the RCSIsmj will continue to grow and improve in the coming years, and I look forward to every future edition.

Kristl Vidya Dorschner – Director

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