RCSIsmj Volume 11: 2017-2018

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Director’s Welcome

RCSI Ethics Challenge
– RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge 2018/2019
– RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge winner 2017/18

Research Spotlight
– Spotlight on research at RCSI – Prof. Peter Conlon

– The generalists

Case Reports
– Diagnositc dilemma: a rare cause of lower back pain

Original Articles
– When the brain goes quiet: cortical silence inhibition in schizophrenia

Review Articles
– Plastic surgery’s role in aneuploidy
– The misnomer of the ‘oral contraceptive pill’

Staff Reviews
– Doctors and doping in sport
– Faking it: disease fighting bacteria and the future of synthetic biology
– From womb to withdrawal: born addicted
– Treatment is on target in Crohn’s disease with biologic agentsA stitch in time: the past, present and future of foetal surgery
– Out of Africa into a genetic bottleneck: how evolution has shaped modern disease
– Are emerging treatments in Parkinson’s disease curative or just buying time?

– HPV vaccination: facts versus fears
– Making the match
– Is a robot reading my X-rays?
– Big budget brain projects
– ‘What’s in a name?’

Book review
– Fitting in

– Investigating the impact of enhancer methylation on gene expression in metastatic colorectal cancer
– Implications of stroke for informal caregivers: a five-year follow-up

2017-2018 STAFF

Executive Committee
Director:Jenna Geers
Editor-in-Chief: Suzanne Murphy

Senior Editor: Rachel Adilman
Executive Secretary: Oludare Alabi

Webmaster: Gemma Wright Ballester

Peer Review Team
Director: David Maj
Assistant Peer Review Director: Cameron Chalker
Peer Reviewers: Andrew Mikhail, Matthew McMurray, Alison Hunt, Jodie Odame, Shaghayegh Esfandnia, Elise Halpern, Rachel Dharamshi, Tessa Weinberg, Monika Cieslak, Bunmi Adesanya, Magar Ghazarian, Moyowa Boyo, David Seligman, Deena Shah, Melvin Hoo Chuin Shen, Savannah Norman, Nadine Copty, Sakshi Kirpalaney

Staff Writers
Senior Staff Writer:Alexandra Mitcham
Staff Writers: Katie Nolan, Julia Hunter, Jessica Millar, Sumara Jaimungal, Maria Mikail

Director: Claire Gallibois
Education Officers: Catherine Uhomoibhi, Farah Adamali, Sannihita Vatturi

Public Relations
Director: Matthew Patel
Public Relation Officers: Melissa Mae Gabriel



Thank you to RCSI Alumni for their continued support to us as students – providing career advice, acting as mentors, enabling electives and research, and supporting the publication of the RCSIsmj since its inception in 2008.

We, as today’s generation of students and tomorrow’s generation of alumni, are very grateful for this ongoing support.

A special thanks to Prof. David Smith for the time and encouragement he has given to the RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge and for his support of the annual debate.

We would also like to thank the Dean, Prof. Hannah McGee, for her sponsorship, and Margaret McCarthy in the Dean’s Office for her constant endorsement and assistance.

The RCSIsmj was extremely privileged to have a number of professors and clinicians involved in this year’s journal club. We would like to thank the following for their support of, and participation in, the journal club, and to express our appreciation of the time, knowledge and expertise they shared with us:

Dr Nurul Aminudin
Prof. Fionnuala Breathnach Dr Frank Doyle
Dr Joseph Galvin
Prof. Arnold Hill
Prof. Samuel McConkey Dr Mark Murphy
Mr David O’Brien