It is with great pleasure that I present Volume 4 of the RCSIsmj. The Irish perspective presented here perhaps could not have come at a better time. When the dust begins to settle from the current political turmoil, the future of Irish healthcare for the next generation of doctors and patients will begin to take shape. It is therefore never more relevant to think critically about the system in which we train today, so we can start building a better system for tomorrow.

As I plan to pass the directorship of the RCSIsmj to my colleagues, I am aware of the exciting evolution that is starting to take place. Although we are still in our infancy, we are maturing at an inspiring pace. This year we have strengthened our relationship with RCSI Bahrain, redeveloped our website, created an education arm to start training writers and editors, and have greatly increased our visibility and distribution. Even more exciting, however, is what the future holds, and I hope RCSI students will continue to engage with and be part of this evolution.

In final I would like to extend the warmest thanks to all the RCSIsmj staff, authors and contributors. It has been a privilege to have worked with you and this production is a true testament to your dedication and commitment to excellence.

Erik Vakil
RCSIsmj 2010/2011

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