The RCSI student medical journal aims to provide a forum for RCSI student contributions to the field of medicine, in any discipline. The journal publishes student research ranging from basic laboratory science and clinical work to humanities analyses of medicine in society. The goal of the the RCSIsmj is to encourage student research, writing and submission for publication, whilst reaching a broad international readership through both our print and electronic versions of the journal.

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2016-2017 Staff

Executive Committee
Director: Mohit Butaney

Editor-in-Chief: Jenna Geers
Senior Editor: Suzanne Murphy

Executive Secretary: Simraaj Powar
Webmaster: Gemma Wright Ballester

Peer Review Team
Director: Corey Nixon
Assistant Peer Review Director: David Maj
Peer Reviewers: Andrew Mikhail; Sara Al Qabandy; Tessa Weinberg; Matthew McMurray; Alexander Dalphy; Alison Hunt; Alison Chalker; Jodie Odame; Ghaleb Halaseh; Kristyn Dunlop; Maria Mikail; Elise Halpern; Fiona Rawa; Eoghan Hurley; Rachel Dharamshi; Carling Cheung; Lindsay Cheskes

Staff Writers
Senior Staff Writer: Daniel O’Reilly
Staff Writers: Samar Atteih; Danyal Zaman Khan; Julia Hunter; Alexandra Mitcham; Stephanie Tung

Director: Katie Dunleavy
Education Officers: Ruth Carey; Claire Gallibois

Public Relations
Director: Monika Cieslak
Public Relation Officers: Hayley Spurr; Matthew Patel

2014-2015 Staff

Executive Committee
Director: Natalie Achamallah
Editor-in-Chief: Mohit Butaney
Senior Editor: Jenna Geers

Peer review Director: Ian Elliot
Assistant Peer Review Director: Corey Nixon

Gemma Wright Ballester

Staff writers
Senior Staff Writer: Daniel O’Reilly

Samar Attieh
Vincent Healy
Naomi O’Sullivan
Stephanie Tung

Peer Review Team
Anu Ananth
Lindsay Cheskes
Carling Cheung
Alice Fox
Elise Halpern
Alex Kasman
David Maj
Maria Mikail
Andrew Mikhail
Simraaj Powar
Sarah Pradhan
Fiona Rawat
Lorna Sampson
Dexter Seow
Renuka Sitram
Sunny Vig
Zac Wikerd
Matt Wong

Executive Secretary
Simran Ohson

Education Director
Stephen Tsoukas

Education Officers
Ruth Carey
Katie Dunleavy

Public Relations
Tessa Weinberg
Monika Cieslak
Hayley Spurr