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Director’s Welcome
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RCSI Ethics Challenge
RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge 2015/2016
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RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge winner 2014/15
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Original Articles
Demographic and symptomatic predictors of incomplete bolus transit in
patients with ineffective oesophageal motility
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Prevalence and risk factors for modified prescriptions in an Irish community pharmacy
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Prevalence of haemoglobinopathies in the diabetic population served by Connolly Hospital
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Tissue is the issue: is margin re-excision rate following breast-conserving surgery
a good quality measure?
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Case Reports
An unexpected tumour
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The hidden dangers of drug–drug interactions
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Recognition and management of rumination syndrome in the paediatric population
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Review Articles
Anthropometric screening for obesity in the Asian adult population
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Premature ejaculation: current and evolving treatments
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Staff Reviews
Culture, criteria and clinicians – dissecting discrepancies in the prevalence
of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
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The evolutionary basis of human disease
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Melatonin and cancer: it’s nothing to yawn at
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Warming up to therapeutic hypothermia
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Popular neurocience: the new frontier, or an exercise in misdirection?
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Staying Lean
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Letting the gen(i)e out of the bottle? Genetic testing for mental illness
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The doctor will tweet you now: medicine in the social media age
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Elective report
Asylum seeker healthcare in France: one month with the PASS Programme
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Travel briefs
A phenomenal experience
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Impressions of Bahrain
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Too good to be true?
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Beneath Mount Everest
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Alumni spotlight
A View of the “war” from afar
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Book review
An Act of Love by Marie Fleming with Sue Leonard
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Book review
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Connolly Hospital, Dublin: evaluation
of clinical features, molecular epidemiology and risk factors to improve patient outcomes
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The CQUIN dementia screening protocol for acute hospital patients aged 75 and over:
compliance and feasibility in a UK hospital
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The effect of epidural insertion on blood pressure and cardiotocography
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2014-2015 Staff

Executive Committee
Director: Melissa Schorr
Editor-in-Chief: Natalie Achamallah
Senior Editor: Mohit Butaney

Peer review Director: Rachel Green
Assistant Peer Review Director: Ian Elliot

Staff writers
Senior Staff Writer: Hailey Carroll

Poornima Jaydev Menon
Gurtej Singh
Daniel O’Reilly

Peer Review Team
Mark Abel
Nadia Al-Bader
Carina Bee
Rimpy Cheema
Carling Cheung
Alex Kasman
Kimberly Ng
Corey Nixon
Simran Ohson
Sarah Pradhan
Aashna Sood
Nadine Straka
Stephanie Tung
Zachary Wikerd
Matthew Wong

Executive Secretary
Stephen Kenny

Education Director
Stephen Tsoukas

Education Officers
Shane Carr
Amelia Reid

Public Relations
Maria Mikail
Tessa Weinberg
Koh Pei Ying

Stephen Tsoukas
Rebecca Jagoo


Thank you to RCSI Alumni for their continued support to us as students – providing career advice, acting as mentors, enabling electives and research, and supporting the publication of the RCSIsmj since its inception in 2008.

We, as today’s generation of students and tomorrow’s generation of alumni, are very grateful for this ongoing support.

A special thanks to Professor David Smith for the time and encouragement he has given to the RCSIsmj Ethics Challenge.

We would also like to thank the Dean, Professor Hannah McGee, for her sponsorship, and Margaret McCarthy in the Dean’s Office for her constant endorsement and assistance.

The RCSIsmj was extremely privileged to have a number of professors and clinicians involved in this year’s journal club. We would like to thank the following for their support of, and participation in the journal club, and to express our appreciation of the time, knowledge and expertise
they shared with us:

Doctor Patrick Dicker
Doctor Mark Murphy
Professor David Smith
Professor Arnold Hill
Professor Seamus Sreenan
Professor Noel G. McElvaney
Professor Fergal Malone
Professor Naomi McCallion
Professor Fergal O’Brien