Case Reports

A case report is a description of an interesting or unusual medical or surgical case that you have encountered. You will give the details of the case itself, then provide a discussion of previous similar or related cases in the literature and background information on the condition or presentation. Case reports should be no longer than 1500 words.

Start with an introduction, which should include a description of the important features of the disease you will address (for example, epidemiology, unique signs and symptoms). Then give the details of the case in the standard format you use in your hospital presentations (chief complaint, history of presenting illness, past medical and surgical history, social and family history, medications, review of systems, clinical examinations, laboratory tests, and other investigations performed). Explain how the details of the case unfolded, and briefly state the course of treatment and outcome. Finish with a discussion section that enlightens the reader about approaches to the problem you have presented. Highlight recent advances in the field of diagnosis and treatment, and include points of clinical learning.

You MUST obtain consent for publication of a case report in print or electronically, either from the patient, or, where appropriate, from their next of kin or surrogate decision maker. We request that you also obtain permission from your supervising physician, who can help you obtain supplementary imaging or photographs.