A perspective is your chance to offer commentary on a topic of your choosing. Pick a topic that is applicable to medicine and the RCSI community, decide on your argument (or thesis statement), then do research to support your claim.

Generally perspectives describe issues in medicine from an outside perspective – for example in the context of social welfare, ethics, education, or the humanities (visual arts, literature, history, or philosophy).

The structure of your article is to your discretion, but generally successful pieces include an introduction, a conclusion, and a body separated into subheadings. The length of the piece should not exceed 1500 words.

The following are examples of successful perspective pieces we have published in the past:

  • The Politics of Stem Cell Research
  • The History of Analgesia in Labour
  • What to wear today? The Effect of Doctor’s Attire on Patients’ Trust and Confidence
  • The Public Appeal of Medical Dramas