Standard Reviews

A standard review is an in-depth discussion on the topic of your choice. To create this article type you will decide on a topic of interest, and research the current state of the surrounding literature. Integrate, describe, and interpret your findings in the form of a structured essay. Standard reviews should be no longer than 2000 words.

There is no required format for standard reviews, but successful pieces generally consist of an introduction, a discussion/conclusion, and two to four subsections. The introduction gives the reader a general idea of what the paper will address and why the topic is relevant or of interest to medicine/pharmacy/physiology. The body of the work should be divided into subsections, each of which covers a different aspect of or idea within the main subject. Finally, conclude with a recap and offer an interpretation of future directions for the field.

Students who have worked on SSC projects where no raw data were gathered should consider submitting their work as a standard review. Your article should not exceed 2000 words.