It is with great pleasure that I present Volume 5 of the RCSIsmj. As we witness unprecedented economic and political uncertainty, we continue to experience its domino effect on the Irish healthcare system. In the midst of such global instability, which carries no promise of abating, we recognise that the quote “change is inevitable but progress is optional” holds some truth. As future healthcare professionals, we must recognise that capitalising on the inevitability of change presents us with an opportunity for growth and, perhaps, progress.

The RCSIsmj was founded as a unique platform to promote student authorship and to foster research, innovation and student participation with healthcare issues. This edition continues to serve this fundamental purpose. Alongside, we have redefined our digital presence and website content, streamlined the peer review process, and continued training writers and editors while expanding readership and dissemination. The success of this journal belongs entirely to the RCSIsmj staff, authors and contributors. Your unceasing dedication, collaborative and innovative spirit makes the RCSIsmj an enviable production. Thank you very much. I look forward to RCSI students continuing to take ownership of their journal – your interest and participation determines the future of the RCSIsmj.

As I pass the reins of leadership to my colleagues, I have no doubt whatsoever that the RCSIsmj will continue to grow from strength to strength. I have this confidence because I bear witness to the stellar quality of RCSI students and the unwavering support of the RCSI faculty. Our collective dedication and commitment to excellence influences this journal and, on the broad scale, the future of healthcare. At the RCSIsmj, we endeavour towards making change and progress a necessary component of our evolution – of this promise, I am certain.

Rowena Almeida
Director, RCSIsmj 2012

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